Organic Moringa Leaf Extract Powder 4:1
Moringa is a plant praised for its amazing health benefits over centuries and known by the name of the drumstick tree in many countries. It is found in the sub-Himalayan regions of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. Moringa is an essential food source in many areas of the world. The leaves of Moringa contain bioactive constituents rich in healthy antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins, minerals as well and bioactive plant compounds and hence also termed as Superfood.
Mission to secrets of Antarctica 2019 Year
6 million $ mission to study the creatures of Antarctica. This ship is moving towards most dangerous location.
Coca Cola VS Mentos - Experiment
What happens if you mix Mentos and Coca Cola?

Well, the Coke becomes foamy and erupts causing a large Volcano or Geyser.
This happens because the Mentos mints cause a rapid nucleation in the carbon dioxide bubbles of the Soda.

The reaction is much higher in Soft Drinks that do not contain sugar LIGHT or ZERO.
Bacillus Clausii
Bacillus clausii is vital spore bacteria that are gram-positive and rod-shaped. The bacteria can survive in acidic environments of the intestines and stomach for longer duration and even at room temperatures. It is a soil-based probiotic that can promote gut and intestinal health. Bacillus clausii is believed to be beneficial for respiratory and gut health.

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