Administre Los Registros De Su Paciente Con Historial Clínico Electrónico
Mantener un Historia Clinica Digital de sus pacientes y llevar un registro de sus citas ahora es fácil con el portal en línea de Integrando Salud. Puede administrar todos los detalles de sus pacientes en solo unos simples pasos y también brinda comodidad, sin importar dónde se encuentre, puede acceder a los datos de sus pacientes. Este portal está protegido y cifrado con potentes soluciones de seguridad.
Mejorar el servicio de salud con Integrando Salud
Integrando Salud es una plataforma médica en línea líder y confiable para médicos y pacientes. Ofrece una amplia gama de datos e información médica. En palabras simples, Integrando Salud es un sistema de información basado en la nube diseñado para pacientes, médicos e instituciones de salud. Su digital clinical history es realmente útil para descubrir los problemas y enfermedades del paciente. Permite a los médicos acceder a la Historia Clinica Web. Integrando Salud tiene como objetivo ofrecer información precisa, completa y actualizada sobre la salud de los pacientes. Es una plataforma única
Rubber teat Dropper
Rubber teat dropper is made up of extraordinary materials that provide durability, and a long-lasting life span to rubber teat. This rubber teat is placed tightly on top of the plastic tube or glass tube at the wide opening of the tube. This is term as rubber teat dropper which are mostly used in chemical laboratories for many types of purposes and reactions. We are rubber teat droppers manufacturer and we create it according to the size, color, and requirements of our customers.
Animal Syringe Manufacturer
The animal syringe is a material that is made up of hard plastic with a wider plunger and cylindrical tube as compared to other syringes. A syringe is a simple type of reciprocating pump consisting of a plunger that is piston-type material, this piston fits into a cylindrical tube called a barrel. That means plastic syringe consists of a plunger and cylindrical tube, plunger can be linearly pulled and pushed along the side of the tube-like up and down. Animal syringes are normally large and wider.
Dropper Assembly Manufacturer
Dropper Assembly is used for several medicinal purposes such as in hospitals, research, and development, medical laboratories, etc. Our patrons can attain from us a qualitative range of Dropper Assembly. These are remarkably acclaimed by our patrons for their high tensile strength, long-lasting nature, and high efficiency.​​
Medicine Dropper
A medicine dropper is a type of dropper that is used to transfer liquid in drop format from one source to another. It is used for medicinal use such as mixture medicine with proper measurement. Medicine dropper comes in many formats such as baby medicine dropper, 1ml medicine dropper, etc. They are made up of plastic and glass. We are a Medicine Dropper manufacturer.
Baby medicine dropper
Baby medicine droppers come in many types and colors. These droppers are manufactured using plastic and glass. Baby medicine droppers are useful for feed medicines for new born babies. As medicine dropper is an easy approach that can be been easily feedable for newborn babies. We manufacture medicine dropper in plastic.
Rubber Droppers
This rubber dropper is used in the chemistry laboratory. Rubber dropper consists of two things rubber bulb and a glass tube or plastic tube (We manufacture in a plastic tube). The rubber bulb is placed upon the glass or plastic tube. The rubber bulb act as a vacuum as a source for filling chemical reagents through this glass or plastic tube and also controls the flow of liquid throughout the tube. The size of the rubber bulb is commonly used to consider the number of reagents to be used by the pressure of vacuum filling. We manufacture rubber droppers according to the size, color, and require

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