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How to Improve Digestion with Papaya Leaves | Herbal Goodness
Welcome to the world of papaya benefits, the food that Christopher Columbus called the "fruit of the angels".1 Ripened, papaya is a soft fruit with a sweetness that's drier than sloppy wet. Papaya weighs between one and two pounds and is golden orange once you break through its green or yellow shell. This simple fruit is popular with vegans and vegetarians because of its texture, color or taste. The health benefits of papaya, including papaya leaves, can offer deeper benefits such as aiding digestion.
9 Impressive Health Benefits of Guayusa You Didn't Know | Herbal Goodness
Guayusa is one of the trees that has its roots in the Amazon Forest. Ecuador is a major supplier of Guayusa. In fact, Ecuador natives have been eating and drinking Guayusa leaf products and Guayusa tea for decades. The tea is so loved that people in the Amazon drink the tea daily.
Top 3 Organic Super Foods to Boost Your Immunity | Herbal Goodness
Each and every one of us is born with a genetic blueprint. That blueprint tells our bodies how to respond to foreign invaders that cause sickness and disease. While some of us have "stronger" immunity than others, research now tells us that our lifestyle directly impacts our immune function. Meaning, you have the ability to boost your immune system through the foods you eat!!

Check out some expert insights on top superfoods that help boost the immune system.
Want To Avoid Caffeine Crash? Try Guayusa Leaves | Herbal Goodness
Caffeine gives me an instant lift. Choose anything - coffee, chocolate, ice cream, energy drinks, pudding or cocoa. These caffeinated foods and beverages give me a sought after pick-me-up. Caffeine also brings me down, sometimes hard. On particularly challenging days, I've reached for caffeine within an hour of rising from bed. It’s an up and down journey of feeling energized only feel tired a short while later - in need of another caffeine boost. Plus, the more caffeine I consumed, the more caffeine I needed.
Chronic Pain Treatment Jaipur
In today’s busy life everyone is suffering from chronic pain somewhere in the body that can be very critical. JPRC Neuro Spine Centre is a great spine hospital that has the best chronic pain treatment in Jaipur.
Antiviral Herbs That Can Help Boost Your Immunity | Herbal Goodness
Recent virus developments that are impacting people around the globe are forcing us to recognize just how fast a viral infection can spread. As with any virus, doing what it takes to strengthen your immune system can have a positive impact. Loading up on Vitamin C is a sure way to boost your immune system. You can get Vitamin C by eating foods like oranges, kale, papaya, cauliflower, broccoli, and bell peppers. Fortunately, antiviral herbs could also help to strengthen your immunity, even yielding better results.
Throat Cancer Treatment in India | Dr. Umanath Nayak | Hyderabad
Dr Umanath Nayak, the one who provides the best Throat Cancer Treatment in India, treats for the conditions like Larynx, Hypopharynx with advanced methods. Dr Umanath Nayak is the Best Head and Neck Oncologist in Hyderabad provides the treatment related to head and neck cancer like oral cancer and many with high success rate.

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