Sole Trader Self Assessment Tax Return Filing
Key points to remember for filing sole trader self assessment tax return. Doshi outsourcing providers self assessment tax return preparation services to the UK accounting firms. We are having more than 20 years of experience in UK accounting, bookkeeping and taxation. Outsource accounting services to us and let our expert handle all the complex tasks such as self-assessment, payroll, vat and year-end accounting. Save huge cost by outsourcing accounting services to Doshi Outsourcing. Contact us today!
Hire Virtual Accountant
Nowadays, many small and mid-sized businesses are hiring virtual employees that help them to run their office set-up more cost-effectively. While some virtual employees perform routine and specific tasks, others have the experience and training to perform complex technical, administrative or professional tasks such as Bookkeeping, Accounting, VAT, Payroll, Tax, etc. They can even be trusted with confidential and complex jobs and expected to deliver results on time.
Tips for Sole Trader Tax Return
Managing a sole trader business? There are some crucial points which a person needs to keep in his mind for a successful sole trader tax return submission. If facing issues in lodging your sole trader tax return, get help from our expert tax accountant and maximize the tax benefits.
Home Loan Balance Transfer | IIFL
IIFL gives you freedom to quickly transfer your home loan balance to IIFL Home Loan with the loan tenure upto 20 years and the services are available at your doorstep.
How much salary an LIC agent gets
Initially LIC agents get upto 25% of the amount of the premium paid by the customer as commission in the first year and 10% as bonus. This amount of commission varies from plan to plan and also in terms of insurance. For example endowment plans, children’s policies and life policies come with greater commission than other types of policies.
Importance of Second Income
Everyone dreams of a good job, good income, and a good life but how many do really get it? Cost of everything seems to be shooting up except your salary. It is getting difficult for an ordinary person to meet both ends with a single income, especially in metros where you have to cough up money for every thing and that.
Apply for LIC Insurance Agent
There are many people wondering here and there in search of a suitable job in India. Sometimes people fail to see an opportunity because of prejudices that restrict their vision to see anything other than that already set in their mind. Opening of an LIC Insurance Agent is one of such opportunities.
Join LIC As Agent - Become LIC Advisor
LIC agents can get benefits of attractive commission, performance perks, recurring income, interest free loan facility and bonuses with guarantee of the Government. Join LIC As Agent Now!

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