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Medical Office Assistant Salary: Is It Enough?
Medical office assistants are tasked to maintain and organize patient records in hospitals and clinics. They also assist doctors and nurses in taking patient histories and assessing the patient’s health, giving them injections and prepping them up for lab tests.
What’s your Craft Beer Style?
So what exactly is craft beer and why is it so popular? According to the Brewers Association, craft beers are produced by small, independent, and traditional breweries that create distinctive, innovative, and high quality brew concoctions. Learn more about Craft Beer at Learn2Serve.
Food Server’s Guide to Food Handling
Understanding the reasons behind proper food handling is an essential part of food handler training. This way, food handler certification students can learn their lessons by heart, which will help them apply the lessons better.
Legal Support Careers to Target
Three careers that tops the list for the legal support industry. Check out the available opportunities in this field.
Advance your career through your social network
When you network, the goal isn’t to request a job. The goal is to give the other individual an opportunity to get to know you. It’s time spent sharing thoughts
Medical Terms and Abbreviations
Medical Terms and Abbreviations. Get a quick resource for any terminologies you need help with.
The Benefits of Using the New ICD 10 Codes
Understand the benefits of the new ICD codes set to launch next year and discover how healthcare professionals can appreciate the changes.
James Beard Awards: The Dinner That Almost Wasn’t
With trade shows, summer vacations, and whatnot, it took Marketing and the Food Safety Team three months to finally find a date for the James Beard Awards winning dinner. Since it’s been so long, here’s a little recap.