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Social Media Profile: An Extended and Online Version of Your Resume
If you are a licensed realtor in your state, using social media profiles like LinkedIn may as well help you in getting more clients and prospects. In Washington, successful agents have been taking advantage of their online presence to learn the behavior of today’s consumers – thus giving them the idea on what they could use on their social media profiles to attract their attention into consulting
Food Safety Starts With HACCP
Know the relation between Food Safety and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points or what we all know as HACCP. Learn it only at Learn2serve Blog!
Drinking Cocktails ala Mad Men
Want to know what Don Draper and his cocktail-swilling, cigarette-smoking bunch are drinking in the show? Well here's a must-see list!
Which Craft? Why the Craft Brew Craze is Flowing
These days Americans are discovering a wide variety of craft brews and microbrews unheard of just a few years ago. We’re tasting a spectrum of Old-World styles and modern innovations. Craft brewers have proved that so much more water, malted barley, yeast and hops go into a good beer. The creativity and passion they put into their product is apparent with every taste. Learn more about it here.
Tips for Restaurant Employees to Combat Public Intoxication
Managing Public Intoxication as a Bar owner or employee. Learn2Serve gives you tips on how to prevent and manage it to avoid having your licenses suspended.
The Legend of the Mai Tai
Know your cocktail! Learn more about how mai tai became one of the famous drinks today and some recommended recipes to get you started.
Keeping your Daily Catch Fresh and Foodborne Illness-Free
The sun is up, and you’re looking forward to your next big catch. The birds surround you as if you’re in a scene from a sappy movie. You could have brought a special someone with you, but then you’d like to bask in the stillness and take in the sights alone. This is the time you’ve been waiting for. The last thing you want is a foodborne illness to spoil the fun. Learn more about how to keep your
3 Easy-to-Make Festive Fall Cocktails
Get your hands on these awesome fall cocktails and impress your guest with your mixologist skills. Top 3 Easy-to-Make Festive Fall Cocktails recipes here!