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Online Lending Software: A Complete Overview
We at Scoreme Solutions provide the technical foundation for each stage of online lending software: loan origination, servicing and underwriting: from loan application processing and credit line management, to debt collection and compliance with regulatory requirements.
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Finding The Best Tanning Salon Software
Looking for POS software? Make your search easy with Tan-Link providing everything you need for POS, online booking, and more. Book your appointment now.
Custom Software Development Company, Best Web Design India
I-Softzone has proved its excellence in the field of web design & web development and Software Development Company in India. Delivering custom software and Web development services, solutions, systems, and applications that are compliant with all regulations is the major objective of our approach and process.
spotting contract deviations using artificial intelligence
When organizations enter into a business relationship with customers, vendors, or suppliers the means of establishing the relationship is by signing a contract.

Most of the organizations have legally vetted contract templates with standard clauses when entering into an agreement with the second party. However, for various business reasons, some clauses are changed or a new language is introduced before entering into an agreement. There are also situations where an organization is expected to accept a complete third-party paper to get into the business.

When hundreds of contracts are exe
How OCR can help in better contract management
How are contracts mostly handled?

Contracts are an integral part of the business in any organization. Depending on the type of the company and how long the company existed there are several ways contracts would have been created and managed. However, whatever the contract management process that an organization might be adopted, there will be a lot of active contracts that are still written on paper or signed/scanned and stored across document repositories or network drives or any existing contract management systems. Just having these legacy contracts on your systems does not help the org
Unlock the real value of your legacy contracts with AI
Organizations have evolved in the way the contracting process is carried out. While some are managing their contracts using the combination of MS Word and email collaboration, some have adopted automated contract management systems to help with contract drafting, redlining, and authoring.

The signed contracts are scanned and stored in various contract repositories across the organization like Google drives, SharePoint, FTP locations, file folders etc or are stored in the digital repository of the contract management system being used. This means every organization will have a certain volum

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