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Serendipity Wellness Studio provides a level of care, comfort and customer service that is unlike any other wellness experience available. Our goal is to deliver the best massage therapy, reflexology, natural skincare, mud wrap, organic back and body treatments located in Burke, Virginia.
There is no evidence yet that there are foods that can help heal chronic hives or chronic urticaria. However, some studies show that eating foods that are rich in Vitamin D and reducing histamine in the diet may benefit people with chronic hives or urticaria.
Beauty magic tricks with strawberries
The strawberry is known as the queen of fruit. Not only is it tasty, but it also possesses many qualities which could be to your skin’s advantage – from the high content of vitamin C to the antioxidant properties.
Never get old
Your skin overall health could be an indication of your inner overall healthiness. Below Is easy methods to maintain it looking and feeling good.
The Down and Dirty of Pampering Babies’ Bottoms
Diaper rash is a common affliction for newborn babies to two-year-olds. See what you can do to prevent rashes and treat them when necessary.
How Can Peptides Put The Brakes On Aging
Most products that are advertised as being anti-aging should be described as “mildly frustrating” instead. For the most part, they do nothing except burn a hole in the budget and waste the time of the consumers that use them. This is unfortunate, since there are actually products that can help.Most products that are advertised as being anti-aging should be described as “mildly frustrating” instea

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