Yahoo Discount Means U.S. Portal Free in Deal - Bloomberg
Yahoo! Inc. has cost its shareholders so much money that a buyer would now be able take over the most- visited U.S. Web portal for less than the value of its stakes in Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Yahoo Japan Corp.
Google Plus in Race with Facebook to Offer Games to Users
Google's new social networking site is working hard to give Facebook a run for its money.Google Plus is adding games to its user experience.Google's senior vice president of engineering, Vic Gundotra, made the announcement on Google's blog. One feature of the games is that the games will be easy to hide on the screen and easy to bring back up. (Photo: Reuters)Google, which was founded in 1998
Internet Wars: Version 2.0
Is there another technology bubble in the making? This question has exercised the media and markets since the extraordinary post-IPO performance of LinkedIn, the social network for professionals. Social-sales aggregator Groupon has recently suggested that conventional valuation methods are obsolete and this has only reinforced parallels with the anything-goes internet IPOs of the early 2000s.Soci
Randi Zuckerberg quits Facebook... to start 'her own social network' company
Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook’s marketing director and sister of multi-millionaire founder Mark, has resigned - to start her own social media empire.Mrs Zuckerberg is leaving the company after six years to start her new venture aimed at helping other companies 'become more social'.In her resignation letter she wrote about her achievements at Facebook adding, 'Now is the perfect time for me to move o
To Plus or Not to Plus
Reports indicate that Google+ has just reached the 20 million-user mark. On its own, that’s a huge figure. Compared to Facebook’s 750 million, that’s a really small amount. But we have to remember that it took years for the largest social networking site in the world to amass that unprecedented user count and only got to 20 million on its fourth year. Google+ only has a few weeks worth of history
Ask a Question
Ask a question, Get answers free from real people. Share you knowledge with people worldwide. Large community of knowledgeable people to answer your question. Ask whatever question you want, we have the answer. - Ask a Question, Get Answers : Question Answer U
How Social Networking Fits in the B2B Search Marketer’s Toolbox
While there is no shortage of news and analysis on Google+, how this social network fits into the B2B marketing mix remains unclear. Even as social media adoption soars, B2B organizations face difficulty incorporating social media, tactically and strategically. A recent study conducted by Forrester Consulting found social media at the core of marketing initiatives for only 20 percent of participa

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