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Whether you're giving a business presentation at work, drawing a sketch at the park, or watching a movie in bed, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is right for the job. Not only does the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 offer fast performance in a sleek, portable form factor, it also comes with the S Pen, making it an ideal on-the-go companion for thinkers, dreamers, and professionals.

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Mitt Romney might win this election
Time to get used to the idea: Mitt Romney might win this election. As of yesterday, the Real Clear Politics average of ten national opinion polls showed Mr Romney ahead of Mr Obama by one point.
Dick Cheney’s heart transplant rekindles age debate
Doctors say it is unlikely that former Vice President Dick Cheney got special treatment when he was given a new heart at age 71 that thousands of younger people also were in line to receive. Still, his case reopens debate about whether rules should be changed to favor youth over age in giving out scarce organs. As it stands now, time on the waiting list, medical need and where you live determine