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Centre asks states to prioritise beneficiaries of 2nd vaccine dose
The Union government has directed states to prioritise beneficiaries due for their second Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) vaccine dose, amidst reports of difficulties faced by those unable to schedule a session for a second dose
Mouse trap using crap Tropicana cans
This guys build a trap of mouse using Tropicana cans. The mouse go not exit from the box and got trapped.
1000 Maggi Packets cooked
1000 Packets of MAGGI noodles were cooked by these guys for good cause, amazing.
Mission to secrets of Antarctica 2019 Year
6 million $ mission to study the creatures of Antarctica. This ship is moving towards most dangerous location.
Pools you never seen in your life
Some of these pools might be scary to experience hanging over skyscrapers. Must watch.
US supplied $100 Million Covid supplies to INDIA
The supplies, which will begin arriving on Thursday and continue into next week, include 1,000 oxygen cylinders, 15 million N95 masks and 1 million rapid diagnostic tests, the statement said.