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SQL Case Statements For Data Science Interviews
Let's cover 3 types of SQL case statements that show up on data science interviews and that you'd use daily as a data scientist. I'll cover 3 different use cases for SQL case statements, explain the nuances, and what goes on behind the scenes when you execute your SQL query. All of this hopefully to make you better on your data science interviews.

Follow along interactively by coding the solutions to the questions:
- CASE statement for numerical values: http://bit.ly/2Wmnvad
- CASE statement for text: http://bit.ly/3p0eboP
- The most popular CASE statement on SQL interviews: http://bit.
Tricky Data Science Interview Question [By Facebook]
Today we'll cover a tricky data science interview question asked by Facebook. It's not so much a tricky problem as it is a problem with a non-obvious solution. But these types of questions are asked all the time on interviews because they're scenarios that you'd have to handle everyday as a data scientist. Let's cover what this question's all about. Follow along with me by going to the question below.

Link to question: https://bit.ly/3oGDZpM


This series is for both beginner and intermediate data scientists and ana
SQL Window Functions on Data Science Interviews | Asked By Airbnb, Netflix, Twitter, Uber
Let's cover 4 SQL window function interview questions asked on Airbnb, Netflix, Twitter, and Uber data science interviews. I cover the questions and how to solve them, and exactly what the functions are doing to the data.

Link to questions:
Aggregate Functions -- Uber: https://bit.ly/37zCMcS
Ranking -- Twitter: https://bit.ly/3lOFArH
NTILE() -- Netflix: https://bit.ly/3lN0qI7
LEAD/LAG -- Airbnb: https://bit.ly/37tx6kE
Applying Software Engineering Principles To Your Data Science Tasks In Python
We're going to apply software engineering fundamentals for this common data science tasks where we are going to finish automating file imports to a database. In this last installment of this video series, I'll show you how to transform all the code into functions and separate them out from your main python file. This basically creates your own custom library of functions you can use for any future project.

I recorded 2 other parts of this series where I show you how to create the functionality and automate the python script.

- Part 1: Functionality (https://youtu.be/wqBFgaMgFQA)
- Par
Automating Your Data Science Tasks In Python (importing CSV files to database AUTOMATION TUTORIAL)
This is part 2 on automating the import of CSV files to a database - a common data science task . In this video, we'll take our python script from part 1, which manually imports a CSV/Excel file to a postgres database, and completely automate the script so that it can import multiple files without the need to edit the code. You'd essentially be saving hours of work.

Importing CSV files to a database is a common task needed for data science and analytics and it can be done completely with python using pandas dataframes, numpy, os library, and the posgres database wrapper psycopg2.

SQL Coding Interview Question Using A Window Function (PARTITION BY) | Data Science Interviews
In this video, I'll walk you through a common SQL coding interview question that is asked in many data science interviews. This SQL question tests your knowledge of SQL window functions, specifically using a PARTITION BY. I'd consider this a simple SQL window function so let's test your knowledge on this question before diving into more complicated problems. Follow along with me and head to the question below.

Link to question: https://bit.ly/38P1Pe7
Labor Day Gathering Precautions During Covid 19 Crisis
Hope your week is going well and you are all looking forward to Labor Day weekend. Here is a video with some quick tips to keep in mind during Labor Day activities. Thank you for watching and you all enjoy your holiday weekend and stay safe always. #covid19 #maskup #physicaldistancing #HandWash
Loneliness A Silent Epidemic | How to Fight with Loneliness #loneliness, #COVID19 #coronavirus
Today we all are worrying about COVID-19 and we are doing our best to keep ourselves safe from this pandemic situation. In this, it is not wrong to say that we are neglecting many problems around us that are an ultimately bigger threat than COVID-19. It sounds funny but isn’t it? Loneliness is one of such things you will get to know about in this video. The worst thing about loneliness is we are not taking it seriously. Because of COVID-19 no need to say that it is the right time to talk about this. We recommend you watch the full video so you can take care of yourself and your loved ones.