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Thomas Foolery Owner’s Tips in Opening a Bar - Learn2Serve Blog
Thomas Foolery is like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory for adults, except that “chocolate” was just another word for liquor. Green, yellow and orange strobe lights illuminate the cramped space. Learn more about it at Learn2Serve!
Healthy Eating Habits for Healthy Living
Attempting to develop a healthy lifestyle? You can do a lot of exercise and sport activities – but everything will work for you when combine it with healthy eating habits and proper healthcare.
International Culinary Trends Take Over American Tables
The National Restaurant Association has identified Peruvian, Korean and Southeast Asian as the hottest food trends that are generating buzz all over America.

The Food Waste Epidemic - Learn2Serve Blog
Food waste is becoming an American epidemic, with over 90 billion pounds of food wasted each year. Proper food handling practices can help mitigate food waste.

What Is Salmonella? | Learn2Serve Blog
Be vigilant and know more about Salmonella and how it can affect you and those around you. Be safe from foodborne illnesses read about it here.

How to Take Good Care of your Respiratory System
Here are ways on how to take care of the respiratory system and to prevent the common lungs and respiratory health problems.
Why a Medical Coder is Indispensable
Medical coding is a key process in healthcare information management. The medical coder documents the services a medical practice or service provider provides a patient. He or she is adept at summarizing documents and assigning the right codes to the patient’s diseases and health conditions. These documents will then be forwarded to the medical biller for bills processing.
Who’s In Charge of Managing the Medical Office?
A medical office manager is responsible for ensuring the seamless operations of a medical practice. They are also referred to as medical practice manager or administrator. Their scope of responsibility varies depending on how big the medical practice is and its organizational hierarchy. The work is a full-time the job that requires managers to work for at least 40 hours a week and more.