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Is Medical Transcription a Dying Career
Many medical transcriptionists are claiming that the transition to voice recognition has changed the way they work forever. While the use of voice recognition software has undoubtedly made the lives of transcriptionists easier on the job, it did pose some employment challenges for some of them. And one would only need to visit answer sites and MT forums to believe this assumption. There, you’ll f
Best Practices for the Perfect Football Tailgate - Learn2Serve Blog
Football season is officially upon us and for many fans across the United States; this can only mean one thing, the coveted pre-game tailgate party. Our tips below will help ensure that this football season you have the perfect game plan against food-borne illnesses and that you drink responsibly.
Learn2Serve Chilean Wine Guide | Learn2Serve Blog
Chilean Wines are cheap but how can you know the best wine for you? Check out Learn2Serve’s Chilean Wine Guide.
Intellectually Disabled Persons Works at Wildflour | Learn2Serve Blog
It’s nice to know that there are still businesses out there that are socially involved and are keen on providing equal opportunities for disabled individuals. A shining example of this is Wildflour. Read more about it here.
Job benefits from medical billing certificate
Medical billing isn’t exactly popular among people in the allied healthcare field. And who could blame them? Most people have a natural aversion to numbers. But what not a lot of people don’t know is that medical billing presents a lot of opportunities to those who are willing to study it.
What People Can Learn from the DC Food Scene | Learn2Serve Blog
A lot of people were steamed about Mark Furstenberg’s piece on what’s missing from the Washington food scene that was published last month in the Washington Post. Leading foodies and critics were quick to react, including Washington City Paper food editor Jessica Sidman, who went as far as dropping the F-bomb in defending the local food and bar scene.
Plano TX Food Handler Classes - Learn2Serve
Plano Texas Food Handlers Card course is recommended for all food industry employees, which can assist employees in implementing safe food handling practices at their food establishment.
Bartending License in Wisconsin - Learn2Serve
For only $14.95, The Learn2serve Wisconsin Responsible Beverage Server course have been approved by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.