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A Guide To Gluten Free Restaurants
Is the restaurant industry takes people with allergies with gluten foods seriously? Learn more about how you can deal with it.
PA RAMP Program Certification for only $25 | Learn2Serve
Learn2Serve PA RAMP course introduces the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB), RAMP, and the roles of each in safe and responsible alcohol service in Pennsylvania. This course identifies the importance of laws, house policies, and various types of liabilities, and the duties that come with each of these. Alcohol and its effect on the body — mentally and physically — are covered in this cours
What’s Cooking? Food and Beverage Trends 2013
Mindful that one man’s Top 10 list is another’s laundry list of dining woes, following is a tasteful report of what the restaurant industry is currently cooking up and, well, cooking for what remains of 2013.
New FDA Rules for Imported Food
With some foodborne illness outbreaks traced to imported goods—gourmet cheese, for example—the Obama administration has strengthened its initiatives for improving food safety in the country, according to a Washington Post report.
A Taste of Autumn: Top 4 Must-Try Fall Drinks
There are a lot of reasons to be excited about fall and warming beverages is surely one of them! Here’s our list of top four fall drinks based on recommendations from various top food and beverage websites.
Bring Out the Flavors of Your Meal with a Cocktail
Drinking cocktails, or alcoholic beverages for that matter, before a meal may seem all too fancy for some people, but it does serve a deeper, culinary purpose.
Medical Transcription Test Coverage: What to Study
So you’ve finished all the coursework needed—what’s next for you? No need to make second guesses or get nervous prior to your final exam. You can get your medical transcription certification easily by getting quality online medical transcription training from a trusted e-learning provider. Without proper training, you won’t have a hard time passing your exam.
Top 5 Reasons a Paralegal is Too Cool for School
The legal world isn’t something like what you see in Ally McBeal, Judge Judy or something newer like The Practice. Or maybe it is to some extent—with more crass people, more paperwork but less melodrama. Forget about snagging some gossip-mongering session with your colleagues and long coffee breaks—those were in fact privileges, according to this first-hand account of a paralegal. You’ll spend th