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Marine Species
There are many marine species suitable for recreational fishing. Some of them are endangered and should be released after being caught - be careful with them and treat them with respect...
Crabs are delicacy - for humans and many marine species. Even small prawns caught in small nets and traps can be prepared quickly and easily.
Sea Fishing How To!
Welcome to Sea Fishing How To, an online resource for both beginner and advanced fishermen. Find out about marine species, fishing techniques, marine and fishing knots, fishing tackle, sea food recipes ...
The Best Full Face Snorkel Masks - How To Choose The Best One?
Full face snorkeling masks are very popular snorkeling masks. Thanks to the flat and wide viewing panel, breathing tube design and other features, they are suitable for shallow, low intensity diving and observing the sea from the surface.

However, full face snorkel masks are not suitable for deep diving and for high intensity swimming/snorkeling/diving!
survival profile
Food isn't entirely crucial for short term survival prep however anything past a few days becomes much tougher without food,

particularly with small children. I've got water in my car whatsoever times and also the capacity to wash and filter it also.

Regrettably this will only last so long. To match those basic skills I've got my knowledge about basic land navigation and night land

navigation (I would recommend EVERYONE know these skills) in addition to knowledge of long range signaling utilizing

lighting, mirrors, smoke, flags, etc.. food and something to drink, and also weap