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Types of Breast Augmentation Surgery and Its Recovery Phase
Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure done to increase the shape and size of the breast for a more prominent look. The breasts are augmented using fat transfer or breast implants. Breast augmentation surgery involves various steps. Here are the steps involved in the surgery.

If you are looking for breast augmentation surgery in Delhi, you should know about its types and recovery process to make an informed decision. Read this article to learn about the types of breast augmentation surgery and the recovery phase.
5 Advantages of Facelift Surgery
Facelift surgery is a simple procedure, but since your face is a unique part of your appearance, it is important to choose the best facelift surgeon in Delhi to perform these procedures. Fortunately, the team at Kalosa is highly qualified to perform facial rejuvenation procedures. They help people from all over Delhi and India who are looking for the most advanced facelift procedures.
Breast Reduction Treatment in Delhi
If you are looking to get breast reduction surgery done, then you should first book an appointment with a certified plastic surgeon to learn about your health conditions and whether you are eligible for it or not. You can reach out to Kalosa Aesthetics for the best consultation and surgery in Delhi. Also, make sure to learn about the breast reduction cost in Delhi before going for the surgery.
Female Breas-t Reduction Surgery in Delhi
Looking for the best plastic surgeon in Delhi for Breas-t Reduction Surgery? Consult the highly experienced and master of cosmetic dermatology treatments, Dr. Ashish Khare & Dr Deepti Asthana, for popular treatments including liposuction, rhinoplasty, gynecomasita, tummy tuck, body contouring and a lot more. Interested to fix an appointment?
Lip Reduction & Augmentation Surgery - Delhi
KALOSA COSMETIC CLINIC is one of the best centers forlip augmentation surgeryin Delhi. Lip enhancement can be done using fillers or fat in a simple OPD based procedure to achieve harmony between upper and lower lips or get thick, plumper, and sensuous lips.
Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi
If you are looking for best gynecomastia surgery in Delhi or male breast reduction treatment in Delhi to remove excess fat, glandular tissue and/or skin by expert plastic surgeon, then Kalosa Aesthetics Clinic is ideal for you.
Facelift Surgery in Delhi by Dr Ashish Khare
Facelift surgery is a safe procedure, but it does require an essential amount of patient preparation. Getting a facelift surgery involves more than just taking some pills or having your face injected with Botox, so it is important to choose the best facelift surgeon in Delhi. Fortunately, Kalosa has a team of experienced doctors who can guide you through the entire procedure while giving the best advice.