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Lincoln Crowne: Engineering Mining Services Weekly
Announced that it has been awarded a new four year contract by Stanwell Corporation Limited with a one-year option, valued at approximately $280M Appointed Elizabeth A Fessenden as Director Has been awarded a contract from Charles Sturt University to deliver Stage 1 of its permanent campus at Port Macquarie, valued at approximately $34M.
Bob Bernstock Is An Accomplished Business Leader
His responsibilities have included oversight of these areas: corporate and division strategy, legal & administration, human resources, financial performance, cost savings, asset management, acquisitions and divestitures, supply chain effectiveness, information technology, and marketing and sales. The positions he held were: member of Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), President, and General Manager.
Jon Lampel Has Made Customer Satisfaction A Core Part Of The Formula For Success
LeasEquip Inc. has more than twenty years worth of experience with helping companies to lease equipment. The firm specializes not only in equipment leasing, but also in commercial financing and investment banking. LeasEquip Inc. is a leader in the industry. They only use capital that they have raised themselves, a vital part of their success that Jon Lampel has insisted on. LeasEquip Inc. has supplied more than six-hundred commercial leases or loans to companies in the aerospace, alternative energy, entertainment, construction, medical, finance, and other industries.
Charles Leaver Previously Worked As A Partner With An Austin
Before taking over as CEO at Ziften, Charles Leaver was working as a Partner at a venture capital firm. The firm was called Trellis Partners and was based out of Austin, Texas. He excelled in this role, as it required an ability to tell which ventures would succeed. His considerable business experience was a real asset to the firm.
Grover Arnett Is Proud Of His Ability To Protect His Clients
Grover Arnett is a skilled and experience lawyer. He works in his firm, based out of Salyersville, Kentucky. Grover Arnett is well respected in the area because of his respect for the law and his want to right wrongs.