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VDU Assessor Training Ireland
Best VDU assessors course in Dublin. The VDU assessor will be given training to competently do a standard VDU Assessment / DSE Assessment. Best value in Dublin.
VDU Assessments Ireland
VDU Assessments: Employers are required to conduct risk assessments of VDU workstations in accordance with the Regulations
Ergonomic Mice
Ergonomic Mice help prevent RSI, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, wrist & hand pain tingling or numbness now available online from KOS, Dublin Ireland
Executive Office Chair
Executive chair, reduce stress, improve executive health, manager chair to promote health & safety for executives, visit our showroom Dublin Ireland
Ergonomic Esd Chairs
SD Chairs avoid static esd, ESD Vinyl chair avoid esd discharge, offer excellent ESD protection, excellent back support ergonomic chairs, KOS Ireland.
Ergonomic Keyboards
Ergonomic Keyboards will help prevent wrist pain & arm pain. relieve numbness, tingling, in the hands & arms from KOS Ergonomic Solutions Dublin, Ireland
Ergonomic Assessments are the best way to improve comfort at work. By advising on correct habits and setup, Ergonomic Assessors can help manage any workplace injuries and improve overall productivity.
KOS Ergonomic Solutions is the leader in providing ergonomic office furniture, ergonomic chairs and ergonomic products in Ireland.