Why Conscious Leaders Inspire Enhanced Productivity
The workplace is rapidly evolving and it’s more important than ever to ensure your employees are content. A happy employee, after all, is a more productive employee. Research has proven that when staff is actively engaged in their work, companies benefit as workers accomplish more and perform more effectively. They are also more likely to come up with innovative solutions to problems, as they feel personally invested in the organization’s success.The workplace is rapidly evolving and it’s more important than ever to ensure your employees are content. A happy employee, after all, is a more pro
Konrad Malik Shares His Experience Leading Toronto 3D Tech Company
In the buttoned down world of corporate culture, RapidMake 3D Printing’s CEO Konrad Malik stands out with his colorful footwear and innovative approach to design. He also happens to be a consummate professional who’s passionate about 3D printing and committed to bringing it to a wider audience. Convinced 3D printing is the wave of the future, he’s continually seeking innovative solutions to bring the technology to the public at large.
Speaker's Corner: Time for Canada to embrace equal shared parenting
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Notable Canadian Tech Entrepreneur Cameron Chell Releases Debut Book, 'The Sustainable Startup'-A Guide to Building the
Calgary-based venture creation firm, Business Instincts Group, announced today the launch of 'The Sustainable Startup', a debut book from their CEO and leading Canadian Entrepreneur, Cameron Chell.
Cameron Chell, Tech entrepreneur, says ‘with technology, power shifted to consumer’
Over the last decade, technology has dramatically altered the way we find and research products and the way we purchase them. From mobile payment apps to location-based coupons and barcode scanners, working with a therapist online, virtual dressing rooms and concierge services, retail has been significantly altered by the prevalence of technology.
Blogs, Connectpal And Other Tools Musicians Can Use To Widen Their Audience
Marketing can be tough. It’s not as simple as coming up with a snappy ad, or the perfect tagline, or a quirk that you want people to associate with you or your brand. Marketing, public relations, and content creation are all highly-skilled fields that people spend years perfecting — it’s not experience that one can just pick up overnight.
Sam Mizrahi of Mizrahi Corp, Luxury Home and Condo Builder in Toronto | Dolce Luxury Magazine
When the founder of Sam Mizrahi Toronto Design Build conceived a plan to place a new multi-million dollar development at the gateway of an affluent Toronto neighbourhood, he knew it would have to resonate. “People are wary of change,” he says, an observation he’s gained from years of breaking ground in the historic roads of Forest Hill, Yorkville, and Richmond Hill. “Every single design and building that I do, I look at how it would come in concert with the entire community, and how it would blend in as if it always belonged there.”
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