Set Yourself Up For An Extraordinary Umrah Visit
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What is Umrah?
In Islam, Umrah is a minor pilgrimage to Hajj. Performance of Umrah isn’t obligatory for Muslims, However, considering the blessings and rewards it holds for Muslims its significance is nothing less than that of hajj. Despite this, umrah performance is an exceptionally beautiful sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW).
What type of dress Muslims wear for Umrah?
Muslims wear Ihram consisting of two unstitched white clothes for Umrah. This special dress is worn to achieve the benefits and purposes of Umrah. It is the simple dress that makes all the Muslims equal and finishes all the differences between them. Muslims also develop the traits like humility and piety due to it.

Umrah with pure intentions
Umrah must be performed with pure intentions of getting closeness and happiness of Allah. It must be carried out with the intention that it is the Sunnah of our Holy Prophet and performing it is highly recommended in Islam due to its great advantages and benefits.
Umrah during the Easter Holidays
Umrah is the visit to sacred sites of Islam that can be planned at any time. There is no limitation of time or no fixed time to perform Umrah. Easter holidays is the best time to perform Umrah for the Muslims of UK as they enjoy official holidays during Easter. Umrah in holidays can be performed easily without the worries of daily life routines.
Importance of Ihram for Hajj and Umrah
Hajj and Umrah are the sacred worships and Muslims are required to fulfill the criteria to perform these sacred worships. Wearing of Ihram is compulsory before starting Hajj or Umrah. Muslims are forbidden from haram acts in the state of Ihram. It is the pure state that reminds us of the Day of Judgment. Ihram should not be stitched and Muslims should respect this white dress.
Reasons to perform Umrah
Makkah and Madinah are the sacred sites of Islam and visit of these sites indicates the love with Allah and His Prophet. Umrah is the mini pilgrimage that offers visit of the sacred sites. Achieving closeness of Allah and His Rasool is the dream of every Muslim and it can only be achieved by performing Hajj and Umrah and by visiting the House of Allah. Umrah is the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad and love with Holy Prophet compels Muslims to perform Umrah.
Most visited places of the world
Islamic places are the most visited places of the world because millions of Muslims perform Hajj and Umrah every year. Allah made these places most important for Muslims of the whole world. Kabah, the House of Allah is present in Makkah and Masjid-e-Nabvi that was constructed by Holy Prophet is present in Madinah.

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