calls U.S. charge of chemical weapons use 'lies'
The Syrian government Friday called White House allegations that it has used chemical weapons in the country’s civil war “full of lies,” according to state media reports.

Syria’s Foreign Ministry instead blamed such attacks on “terrorist” groups, the term it uses to refer to the opposition.

U.S. officials said Thursday that President Bashar Assad’s government had crossed a “red line” by usi
What Happens to Women Who Are Denied Abortions? - NYTimes.com
S. arrived alone at a Planned Parenthood in Richmond, Calif., four days before Christmas. As she filled out her paperwork, she looked at the women around her. Nearly all had someone with them; S. wondered if they also felt terrible about themselves or if having someone along made things easier. She began to cry quietly. She kept reminding herself that she felt secure in her decision. “I knew that
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Hair transplant in lahore
That lots of males get increasingly more thinning hair around the mind throughout their lifetime, is generally not great attention and it is considered "normal." Women, however, because of an illness, birth or any other good reasons to massive hair thinning suffer and therefore get bald spots around the mind suffer psychologically less. You will find the feeling that others would constantly stare
Gold Price in India
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Gold & Diamond Source Tampa, Florida
We are America’s leading online jewelry store, and we also operate a retail location in Clearwater, Florida. Over the past 30 years, our family-owned business has satisfied more than 250,000 customers from all over the country. We carry an impressive collection of elegant pieces including gold jewelry, exquisite fine diamonds, engagement rings, precious gems, top-of-the-line wristwatches, and so
Meet the SWUGs of Yale: Women ‘Washed Up’ at 21
They call it a “dayger” (a daytime rager) and the one at Yale’s Sigma Nu last weekend was huge. Every surface of the frat house seemed coated with a sticky layer of spilled drinks and grime. Young Yale men, many wearing ties and jackets, others wearing much less, stumbled up stairs, gripping plastic jugs of generic booze. True to their fraternal creed, “To believe in the life of love,” the brothe
Drop in U.S. retail sales depresses Asian stocks - The Washington Post
Asian stocks dropped, with the regional benchmark index sliding from its biggest weekly gain in seven months, as investors await data on Chinese economic growth after U.S. retail sales fell unexpectedly.

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