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An experienced triathlete who is looking to actually fine-tune their training. Online triathlon coaching provides training program modifications. An experienced triathlete who is confident they can independently apply for their program in between the fortnightly data/metrics review by the coach.
Ironman World Championship
The holy grail of iron distance racing takes place on the Big Island at Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. This is where the Ironman began. If you qualify, you will race against the world’s best pros and age-groupers. But they won’t be your only competition. You’ll have to go against the brutal heat and humidity and killer headwinds, as well as your own mind, which will be begging you to stop. You will race through such iconic landmarks like the Queen K Highway and the Energy Lab. And once you hit Ali’i Drive, all the pain will be forgotten because you know you’ve finished and earned the bragging rights to the Ironman World Championship. BeyondTransition will be there to see that finish, so get out there and qualify

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