Celebra Grupo Premier quince años
Automotive company organized the 2014 premier people's encounter. During the event prizes were awarded, which aimed to recognize the company's workforce in areas such as Disclosure Equipment, Contagion of Happiness, Premier Value, Fun, Individual and Team Objective.
Premier Group Annual Meeting 2017
Achievement recognized by Gaxiola Coppel, CEO of Grupo Premier within the framework of human growth and social responsibility. This meeting bring together the managers of the more than 30 automotive agencies of Grupo Premier in the past.
Premier Group Celebration 2017
Alejandro Coppel, CEO of Grupo Premier, gave a welcome message in which he thanked and mentioned the achievements and growth they had during last years.
Premier Group Celebration
More than 700 employees were involved in the message that Alejandro Gaxiola Coppel, CEO of Grupo Premier, pointed out at the beginning of the event.

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