How Fashion Repeats Itself & Fashion Designer Plays an Important Role
The word ‘fashion’ attracts everyone. In simple words, it is basically a style of wearing clothes, accessories according to the trend. Fashion simply means our lifestyle: the clothing and accessories that we wear and the cosmetics that we apply. Fashion is not only about wearing stylish clothing; it is also to understand the occasion and situation. This understanding is really built by Best Fashion Designing Courses in Chandigarh offered by IIFD.
Fashion Designing is an art dedicated to the creation of clothing and accessories. A successful Fashion designer should have good communication skills, innovative ideas, artistic skills, knowledge and experience. That’s all what I got from my Best Fashion Designing College in Chandigarh i.e. IIFD.
ANCIENT GREEK FASHION : A Widespread Period Of Fashion Time
The Greek civilization has been one of the most popular and widespread period of our time. They have introduced us to great many things. The Olympics, philosophy, geometry and the alarm clock are a few examples of their wit and perseverance. Their fashion choices were very practical as well as ornamental. Fashion Applicants who wish to have Best Fashion Designing Courses in Chandigarh, also go through a long chapter on history and birth of fashion.
A Brief On Fashion And Clothing Of Ancient Egypt - Indian Institute Of Fashion & Designing
Ancient Egypt is famous for many things, like the pyramids and the mummies, but that is not all about their civilization. The ancient Egyptians have invented and discovered far more things than we acknowledge. For instance, the invention of paper and fabric are two most important technologies that came from this civilization.
Daylight in Interiors Designing Chandigarh
Daylight or natural light from the sun is one of the most important aspects of interior designing. It not only saves energy & expensive electricity bills but also improves our health conditions. In this article we will describe some of the methods which can be used in our design for incorporating daylight in interiors.
Color is the power which directly influences the soul’. Different colors generate different moods in our interiors by conveying diverse feelings such as passion, calmness, tranquility, mystery etc.
What Fashion Designing Means For Fashion Aspirants?
Fashion is a fantastic way to represent oneself globally. One can represent their culture, religion or mindset through fashion as it generally means clothing, footwear, makeup, accessories and the study of it. Not only young people do fashion but children and old people also do it. IIFD the Best Fashion Designing Institute in Chandigarh turned a lot of fashion aspirants name into brands label.
What does ‘Ready-to-wear: Prêt-à-Porter’ means in Fashion Designing
Prêt-à-Porter is a French word which literally translates to “Ready-to-wear”. It is high quality fashion which is produced in factory. It is a common misconception that all ready to wear garments are mass produced. Prêt-à-Porter might not be mass produced but it is also not exclusive as it is available to wide variety of customers.

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