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Food isn't entirely crucial for short term survival prep however anything past a few days becomes much tougher without food,

particularly with small children. I've got water in my car whatsoever times and also the capacity to wash and filter it also.

Regrettably this will only last so long. To match those basic skills I've got my knowledge about basic land navigation and night land

navigation (I would recommend EVERYONE know these skills) in addition to knowledge of long range signaling utilizing

lighting, mirrors, smoke, flags, etc.. food and something to drink, and also weap
SHTF Survival Essentials: Food and Water
The most essential items when doing emergency preparations are food and water. We take for granted the availability of food and water that we now enjoy. Find out how to store these items and not spend a spend a fortune at the same time.
Outdoors Native - Camping Hunting Firearms Survival and Fishing Source
Outdoors Native is your source for everything related to Camping, Hunting, Survival, Fishing, Backpacking and Firearms. Also your source for great gear reviews so you can know before you buy.

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