Learn to implement Capture API with Phonegap
In this tutorial we will learn to implement capture api with phonegap and create an application which will capture an image in your mobile and directly upload it in the remote server.

To create an application using capture api follow the steps given below :
Database connection using PDO
In this section we will be using Database connection using PDO (PHP Data Objects).

To Connect the database using PDO follow the steps given below :
Environmental set up for PHP
In this session today we will study, how to download the xampp server which is required to run the php program. As php is an server side scripting language we need a server to execute the programs.
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In this tutorial we are going to learn a new topic SVG. Today we will have some introduction on SVG and then try it practically in next tutorial.

Homepage - Java and Windows XP runs your ATM machine
In this session we will study the fundamentals of Java script which will teach us how to display the text in a browser window, implement looping statements(for,while,do while),Functions and arrays.

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Putting up a website
We have completed our homepage successfully with its content as well as CSS styling in the last session.

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