KCS Network - Cargo And Logistics Company - Ware Housing
KCS Network is a logistics company which emphasis on customer benefit and providing innovative logistics solution. KCS has well-reputed partners and contracted rates that enable our customers to enjoy excellent services in a cost-effective way.
Network+ Certification training
Authorised CompTIA Network+ Certification Training and CompTIA Network+ Course. Get CompTIA Network+ certified and improve your IT infrastructure skills for troubleshooting, configuring and managing networks.
OneLife Network has a new member - The Top Earner David Imonitie
The OneDream team – headed by the Steinkeller brothers – and partnering with OneCoin have annouced today David Imonitie has signed up for OneCoin - OneLife Network. We have the honour and pleasure to welcome this great leader.
IACM Programs – IACM… a NSDC Partner Company
IACM offers MOS | MCSE | CCNA | Security | CCNP | A+ | Network+ | Networking & Virtualization | Cloud Computing | Industrial Training Programs – 45 days – 3 months – 6 months

IACM, established in 1997 and recognised as "No. 1 Network Training Company by India Today, offers combo packages for Microsoft, CISCO and CompTIA International Certifications. IACM has trained and placed thousands of students in hardware, networking, IT security and electronic security. Today, IACM has become one of the largest training Company in IMS domain.
OneCoin has new CEO - meet Pierre Arens
One Coin has a new CEO. His name is Pierre Arens and he is an expert in Banking, Corporate Finance and Payment Services. Many of us have been caught by surprise with this revelation, but it’s a surprise followed by joy, since we know that he is a real expert in several areas of finance, which makes him a fantastic acquisition for the ONE family.
DealShaker Launch Set to Reshape the E-commerce Industry
The new advertising platform, which was officially launched on February 16th, is the first of its kind to allow users to accept the OneCoin (ONE) cryptocurrency as payment for products and services. The shopping section of the platform is the most anticipated phase of the project, after the initial merchant and product/service registrations started in January 2017.
According to our information, despite the bad press OneCoin and their marketing Arm OneLife gets, sales are topping $500+ Million per Month. At this growth rate the company will be the largest direct selling opportunity in 2017 in the world, passing well known giants as Amway and Avon.

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