ieee 2021 dot net projects

Looking for IEEE 2021 dot net projects in Chennai?. 1Crore Projects take care of your dot net projects and offer great manufacturing quality.
2021 robotics projects in Chennai
ME projects provide you Robotics projects in Chennai. Primarily based on new technologies we expand our projects in realtime which is based totally on current tendencies in its areas in Robotics project centers in Chennai.
2021 VLSI projects in Chennai
Choose the 2021 VLSI projects in Chennai for the final year if you're searching for the best VLSI project center. Commonly used as the next technology.
Set Signature Position in Cells using .NET eSigning API
Introducing EncodeType as an optional for verification of QR-Code and Barcode Signatures. Furthermore, users can verify text in encrypted QR-Code Signatures
Add Watermark, Polyline and Point Annotations using GroupDocs Annotation API for .NET
Add Watermark, Polyline and Point Annotations using GroupDocs Annotation API for .NET

With this new API release v18.6, developers can add Watermark, Polyline and Point Annotations in Words and Diagrams
Visit the code example that demonstrates how to add Watermark annotation in Diagrams - https://goo.gl/QYu2e3

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Visit GroupDocs blog for details.
New Features and Improvements include:
- Comparing connect on Diagrams
- Improved styles comparison for HTML
- Aligner for Comparison.Diagrams
- Support Comparison Settings to HTML

Visit GroupDocs blog for more details - https://goo.gl/bqGBTK
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