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WordPress or HTML Which One is Better for Your Business's Website?
When it comes to creating a website that can expand your business growth, you must choose a platform that can be so easy to manage. For this, WordPress is the best content management system to arrange the content with the help of just one click. Read here why WordPress is a far better option than HTML?
GroupDocs Newsletter March 2018 - Document Manipulation API Updates and Code Examples
GroupDocs Newsletter March 2018
Document Manipulation .NET and Java #API Updates and Code Examples.
Featuring GroupDocs.Editor for #Java that allows to Edit Business Documents in Java by loading in HTML.
Visit GroupDocs blog for details - https://goo.gl/5d59Xw

Product News ==
- Change Chart Axis Title Dynamically in .NET and Java Applications.
- Multi-Threaded Indexing Support in Documents Searching.
- Load and Save EXIF Metadata for JPEG and TIFF formats in .NET.

From the Library ==
- Search Barcode and QR-Code Signatures in Business Documents.
- Convert Specific Range When Con
Implementing your application on RippleEmulator | www.eduonix.com
In this tutorial we will learn to implement your app on ripple emulator , which will work as an online simulator of mobile where you can shake and move the mobile in X , Y and Z axis.
Desigining a simple form in Html | www.eduonix.com
Today in this Html tutorial we will learn to design a simple Html form where you will have different fields in which you can insert data.

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