All About Harbin Medical University China
Harbin Medical University is located in the city of Harbin, China which is spread over a vast area of 2.36 million sq. meters. It is one of the best Medical University in china and also in the world. Several 19,000 students are enrolled in the University. Not only this, Harbin Medical University has upgraded its standard from what it used to be years ago. It has become the perfect version of how a medical university should be like.
All About Guangxi Medical University China
Guangxi Medical University is one of most apprehensive Medical Universities of China with the old name. It offers various courses from undergraduate to PhD courses in the field of medicine. The University is also a health-care center for the area. It's located in the Guangxi city of China and has a very great history from all the medical colleges in the country. It has been certified by the Ministry Education of China to provide MBBS courses to the international students.
All About Fujian Medical University China
Fujian Medical University is located in the Fujian city of China, in the Fuzhou district. It is one of the old Medical universities in China. It is best known for the the quality education it imparts in the field of medical science and has about an 80 years schooling experience, thus making it one of the prominent institutes of the country. There are about 128000 student who are pursuing their undergraduate degree from Fujian Medical University.
All About Fudan University China
Fudan University is located in Shanghai, China. It is a world-famous university with a very good rank about 30,000 student are studying in this university and no doubt the official records of the university are incomparable. The Fudan University holds the 17th rank in the Asian University Ranking, and a 34th rank in the QS World's University rankings.
All About Dalian Medical University China
Dalian Medical University is one of the best medical Universities of China which have produced the world-class doctors. There are about 12000-15000 student enrolled in the University. It is one among those universities which is loved by all the Indian student who wish to pursue their career in Medicine.
Chongqing Medical University is one of the top 30 Medical institutes in China, and the university has a total of about 27,000 Students Studying in the Present time. The Chongqing Medical University has so many certifications and achievement only within a time span of 6 years is something historical.
All About China Three Gorges University China
China Three Gorges University is located in the Yichang city of china and it is considered to be among the top 10 medical universities in china. The university has more than 15000 thousand students are enrolled already including 480 Indian students and total of 1200 international students.
All About China Medical University
China Medical University is located in the city called Shenyang of China. It is considered to be one of the best Medical Universities of China that provide with quality education and produce the best kind of doctors. About 15,000 students are studying in China Medical University which means it is in demand. The University is spread over an area of 1,930,000 square meters which is quite an area.

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