Furminator Large Dog
Perfectly touch up your fur baby with the best hair accessories like- FURminator for large dogs, eye wipes, ear wipes, designer bows, and much more.
Laser Cutting Screen Techniques in Interior Design Course
Laser cutting screen works can be easily seen in today’s home interiors. It’s the latest trend in interior industry. In this type of design, desired pattern can be made on MDF boards & plywood & even on metals such as stainless steel, mild steel and ACP sheets.
The Right Couch: An Important Part of Interior Designing
Finding a perfect couch is not less than finding a life partner! A couch or Sofa is an upholstered piece of furniture which comes in various sizes as per the requirement and can be customised by the client.
Why 15th Century Fashion comes back in Fashion Designers Mind
The fashion during the 15th century was quite extravagant. The clothing became more voluminous and added more flair using embellishments such as jewellery, feathers and semi-precious stones.
A Brief On Fashion And Clothing During The Early Medieval Period
The early medieval times, also known as the Dark ages, is a period that followed the fall of Roman Empire. The fashion and clothing during this dark time did not change much as the materials used to make the garments were tough and sturdy and they could last a lifetime.
Briefing Fashion History Of The 13th & 14th Century
Clothing and fashion changed many bounds during the late middle ages. The 13th and 14th centuries saw experiments in forms of clothing. The earlier straight and tubular shapes and drapes were replaced by curved and fitted garments.
Fashion designers can also use draping technique for designing and creating different designs. Draping is an important part of Fashion designing and for students to practice different and unique variation of designs. Now a day’s fashion designing students who head toward Best Fashion Designing Institutes in Chandigarh wish to learn more and more about draping.
How VISUAL MERCHANDISING Plays an Important Role in Fashion Designing
Visual merchandising is the art of presenting store by displaying products to educate the costumer and to increase sales. It gives costumer the desire to buy the goods. Visual merchandising is a term in which visual means to see and merchandising means to promote goods by their sale and present products in retail market. Best Fashion Designing Courses in Chandigarh are really a proven success fact in this field.

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