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Recover Data on External Hard Disk - YouTube
Whenever you lose any data from your external hard drive its needful to restore as they are very important. Well to know how you can restore them must watch the video.
Recover Data from WD HDD
If you have got your WD hard drive corrupted due to any reason then easily make use of this video clip which will guide you how to restore data on WD external hard drive
Cloud Data Security
Skyhigh Networks Cloud Data Security Services help businesses manage their cloud infrastructure effectively by discovering the cloud services their employees are using, analyze risk and enforce security policies.
Apple stores your voice data for two years
Apple disclosed today that it stores the data created when people use Siri and Dictation, two voice-driven services found on its mobile devices, for two years.

The disclosure comes after one civil liberties group warned that Apple isn't doing enough to inform its customers of their privacy rights.

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