Application of Blockchain in Manufacturing Industry
The adoption of blockchain technology in Manufacturing is revolutionizing the way the industry is performing. From operational excellence to product authenticity, consumer experience to quality of care.
All About Hyperledger Fabric Architectur
Hyperledger is an open-source community-oriented exertion made to propel cross-industry blockchain advances. It is a worldwide coordinated effort, facilitated by The Linux Foundation, incorporating pioneers in fund, banking, internet of things, supply chains, assembling, and technology. It is a private and permissioned blockchain framework. Unlike in permissionless (or open system) frameworks- that enable obscure personalities to take an interest in the system, the individuals selected through Membership Service Provider (MSP). It additionally offers the capacity to make channels, enabling a
First Transaction on Facebook Libra Blockchain
Finally, everyone got the answer when Facebook launched their whitepaper two weeks back. Yes, they are implementing libra coin as a payment system in facebook marketplace. How to make a transaction in

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