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CLV Group’s Stoney Creek Towers – Why Fostering Community Is Helping Its Brand
Everyone needs a place to live, but not everyone can afford to buy a home. Even though some can purchase property, many, particularly among millennial, prefer not to bind their investments long-term through home ownership.
Building for Now and for the Long Term
It’s hard to miss the real estate boom that continues to characterize the housing market in Toronto and the GTA. And the trends are for continued growth this year. The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) is estimating 104,500 to 115,500 home sales this year and sales in the first three months are in line with that so far. Just this week, a Financial Post article commented on new construction hitting its highest levels in almost a decade.
The Price of Complaining — Can Whining Impact Your Reputation
There are entire books on how to complain less, and how to instead turn to problem-solving solutions, especially in the workplace. David Cunningham, a leader at Landmark Forum, an organization dedicated to helping people foster positive and permanent shifts in their overall quality of your life and way of thinking, recently appeared on ABC's Good Morning Washington to talk about how to move “from whiner to winner,” in host Larry Smith’s words.
Beggar to bigwig
A word of advice for job hunters: Finding your dream career may be as simple as begging on the street. At least that was the case for Waseem Malleye of Scarborough, who, when he found himself still without work four months after graduating from the University of Toronto, decided to stand at Bay and King Streets holding up a placard that read: Recent U of T grad. BA economics and CFA candidate. Looking for Employment.
Bradley Fauteux, Others: Diversity Within Green Movement
The fact is that the challenge of protecting our natural resources, acting against climate change’s causes and achieving sustainability in how we live, work and play is called the “green” movement. And it takes people of all colors and cultures to make it strong.
Larry Weltman advises on what to know about home solar PV panels - Green Living Ideas
Energy trends in the United States, Canada, Germany and other major industrialized nations are rapidly changing. As a result of aging infrastructure, increasing costs associated with fossil fuels and growing environmental concerns, increasingly traditional energy sources (i.e. natural gas, nuclear, coal) are being replaced with more environmentally forward-thinking sources, such as wind, thermal and solar energy.

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