5 Big Benefits of Data and Analytics for Positive Business Outcomes
Customer social norms have changed and as a result, expectations around data have escalated. This blog outlines 5 examples of benefits that businesses can reap from data and analytics to drive positive outcomes for their own business and their customers, all while maintaining the highest level of data protection.
Big Data
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Cloud Analytics
Skyhigh performs deep analysis of enterprise cloud usage to provide a single Cloud Analytics view of anomalous usage, malware, and inconsistent policy enforcement.
How Much Of Your Traffic “Should” Come From Search?
Marketers often seek out benchmarks by which to measure the effectiveness of various marketing programs as well as their performance vs. industry competitors. In some cases, this information can be quite useful and enlightening, for example, when looking at average email open rates by industry.In other situations, however—such as when looking at what percentage of total website traffic should be
Tracking Clicks on the Google+ Button and Google\'s Policy
Google Analytics can automatically track how visitors are interacting with the Google+ button but third-parties aren’t allowed to track the clicks.

Google has a strange clause in their policies document that may affect platforms like AddThis and ShareThis who provide social sharing buttons (or widgets) for websites and blogs.

If you add a Google +1 button to your website, Google Analytics
How to Track When People Print your Webpages [Google Analytics]
Say you have a website that is printer-friendly but you are not too sure if people are actually printing your web pages. And if they are, you are interested to know how often they print pages and what is the kind of content that users are most likely to print on your site.....

Track Print Usage with Google Analytics

That was the boring theory but you can safely skip the technical details an
Mobile analytics
All competitive wins and losses, together with revenue forecasted, revenue booked (for wins), and discount rates could be displayed, along with the relevant sales region and date. Hence, Web Analytics informs you concerning the weak areas of the website so that you can take immediate measures to boost the visitors' experience. Also, take a take a look at the sorts of keywords persons are using to

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