Parks Victoria chief thrilled by first visit to Grampians
PARKS Victoria’s new chief executive officer Bradley Fauteux could not have been more impressed by his first visit to the Grampians on Monday. Mr Fauteux said being given the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular views on offer and visit areas including the refurbished Grand Canyon and the Grampians Peaks Trail were among the many highlights of his maiden visit to the Grampians.
Focus: Equal shared parenting bill defeated
Brian Ludmer, founding partner of Ludmer Law and co-founder of Lawyers for Shared Parenting, wrote the language in the bill. He was surprised and disappointed the bill didn’t at least make it to the committee stage.
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Paragon International Wealth Management: Investing in Fancy Colored Diamonds
When people think of diamonds, many think of the clear stone used in the majority of engagement rings. However, the truth is, diamonds come in a range of colors, from pink to blue to orange, purple and black. These colors appear as a result of trace chemical elements and particulates during the crystallization process of a gem.
Paragon International, Toronto Diamond Dealer, Sees Continued Demand for Fancy Colored Diamonds
Paragon International Wealth Management is reporting increased interest from new investors as fancy colored diamonds continue to rise in value. Widely considered a recession proof asset, fancy colored diamonds have steadily increased in value since the 1970s. In just the last eight years alone, the price of pink diamonds has grown by nearly 180 percent and currently sits at a record high.
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Audit Help Toronto
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