Dekut - Key Features Of Digital Subscriber Management| Diksha Technologies Digitization of customers’ journey right from onboarding- Dedicated end-to-end customer experience enhancement solution, Optimized to fast track onboarding, Reduced processing time and cost Reward-based gamification to enhance engagement and loyalty- Exciting digital game with tangible rewards, Easily accessible content that is trending Reduced customer acquisition cost through OTT chat channels- Multi-channel communication to engage customers, Adoption of most used social chat apps to increase reach Seamless integration to Wallets, Utilities, and Content Management Systems- Empowering unif Read Moreied customer experience, One-stop solution for all customer subscription requirements In-App Push Notifications also include Graphic images and Short videos- Timely delivery of critical notifications, Easily consumable content in the form of images and videos Interactive Digital Assistant to improve CX- Convenient, fast and detailed answers to customer queries, Self-learning bots enhance automation to reduce operational expenses For more information visit: 9900158956 Wed, 05 Feb 2020 09:10:44 UTC en