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Waf Virtual Patching
A virtual patching software application can be a real time saver for a company, especially if your business relies on its network being up and running at all times. If your network goes down for any reason, even a virus or hardware failure, the entire business may be affected. It can take hours to bring the machine back up and running again. However, with WAF virtual protection, you can have your network protected in less than an hour! It works by injecting a virtual firewall into the network, which blocks all incoming traffic while also protecting certain applications. The only thing your network must be able to support is the integrity of the virtual firewall, otherwise the protection will be rendered useless.

There are many benefits to virtual patching. It protects against any damage caused by hackers who attempt to breach into your server. It also prevents downtime caused by software conflicts, hardware failure, and other errors that can occur when a server goes down. With a virtual firewall installed, even if your hardware fails, the virtual firewall will keep your applications from being affected. This is made possible because the application that needs to be patched is not patching itself, but instead, it is running inside a virtual machine.

No matter what applications you use on your server, you need to be aware of the fact that they are running within a virtual machine. In other words, they are not running directly on your server, but instead, they are being run inside a "virtual" machine. This means that if a virus were to attack your server, the virus would first try to break into the virtual machine and infect your application files, and then execute them within the server. While your application files are protected in the virtual machine, your server is unprotected. The only way to protect your server from viruses is to install a dedicated firewall within your virtual firewall. By doing this, you will make it impossible for viruses to gain access to your server and shut it down for good!

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