Special Holidays Offer, 25% Off GroupDocs.Total – GroupDocs Newsletter December 2017
GroupDocs Holidays offer - Get 25% off GroupDocs.Total for .NET and Java. Quote HOL2017WBS when placing your order online.

See GroupDocs December 2017 Newsletter for details - https://goo.gl/mzs4E9
Special Holidays Offer, Save 25% on GroupDocs.Total for .NET and Java.

= Product News =
- Announcing Visual Studio Plugin of GroupDocs.Editor for .NET.
- e-Signing Images in Java Applications.
- Dynamically insert Images and Barcodes in Emails.
- Remove Metadata from MP3 and AVI File Formats in .NET.

= From the Library =
How to:
- Render STL and IFC files in .NET?
- Import Comments in Diagram in .NET Applications?
- Convert between POTX and POTM in .NET?
- Obtain Signing Progress while e-Signing the Documents?

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